Kitra awarded a CURO RA

Congratulations to Kitra Cates for being awarded a 2015 CURO Research Assistantship.


In collaboration with the lab of Chuan He at the University of Chicago we've created a novel method to identify N4-methylcytosines in bacterial genomes. Great job Miao and Lexiang!

Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences

Bob was named a Pew Scholar and the lab received funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts to support research on epigenetic variants.

Drexel sets off for medical school

We're sad to see our all-star technician leave the lab today, but we're happy he is taking the next step in his career. Good luck!

Genome-wide establishment of mouse methylation

Productive and fun collaboration with Steen Ooi's lab at UCL on establishment of DNA methylation patterns during spermatogenesis. Online today in Cell Reports.

Plant Methylome DB (Updated)

We are announcing at #PAGXXIII the release of an updated version of Plant Methylome DB, which includes 20 unpublished DNA methylomes.