Adam and others have developed a novel set of models to estimate context-specific methylation levels in any sample regardless of the availability of a reference genome. See manuscript at BioRxiv.

Brigitte is a new NIH Fellow

Congratulations to Brigitte for being awarded an NIH Training Grant Fellowship for her studies of plant epimutations.

Pat Griffin - Cynthia Kenyon Awardee

Pat was named the Cynthia Kenyon Awardee at the Genetics Graduation Event. This award recognizes a student based on excellence in academics, research and leadership. This is well deserved. Congratulations Pat!

Nice new study by Pat Griffin

Pat just submitted his study that he started as an undergraduate. Taught himself programming with help from the lab. Nice work. bioRxiv

Study on natural variation of mC from the lab

Another preprint from the lab on extensive natural variation of DNA methylation between angiosperm species bioRxiv

New study on gbM

A truly collaborative effort put forth to understand the origins and evolutionary consequences of gene body DNA methylation in plant genomes. bioRxiv

CURO Research Assistantship awarded to Madeline

Congratulations to Madeline Steffensen for being awarded a 2015 CURO Research Assistantship.