Callan Russell is the recipient of the 2020 Cynthia Kenyon Award!

Congratulations to Callan for winning the 2020 Cynthia Kenyon Award, given to one outstanding graduating UGA senior majoring in Genetics. Callan is heading to Stanford as a Knight-Hennessey Scholar. Well done!

Sohyun Bang wins 2019 UGA Capturing Science Contest!

Sohyun Bang and Michael Francis won second place for their DNA sonification entry Music of Life in the 2019 UGA Capturing Science Contest! Congratulations, Sohyun! 

Madge Stuhlreyer is a CURO fellow!

Congratulations to Madge for being awarded a Spring 2020 CURO Research Assistantship! Way to go!

Sarah Saddoris is a Goldwater Scholar

Sarah Saddoris was awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Keep up the fantastic scholarly and research activity.

Faheem is a CURO fellow!

Congratulations to Faheem for being awarded a Summer CURO Research Assistantship!

NSF GRFP awards

Congratulations to former undergraduates Patrick Griffin who was awarded an NSF-GRFP and Kitra Cates who received an honorable mention.

Lexiang does it again!

Lexiang was awarded the Ying Xu Outstanding Student Paper Award from the Institute of Bioinformatics.

Pablo is an NIH Training Grant Awardee

Congratulations to Pablo for being awarded a position on the departmental NIH Training Grant. Excellent job!
This is not an April Fools joke.

Callan earned a summer internship

We are so excited for Callan Russell who was the only person selected out of 55 individuals to participate in the genetic counseling internship at the University of South Carolina.

Plant Center Poster Awardees

The Plant Center fall retreat had 98 posters this year and William Jordan placed 2nd in the graduate student poster category and Jered Wendte placed 2nd in the postdoc category. Well done!

Callan is a CURO Fellow

Callan was the recipient of a CURO Research Fellowship. Well done!

Dept. Retreat Awardees

Well done Tina and Zach for their awards for their poster presentations at the departmental retreat!

Jered is an NSF PD Fellow

Jered was awarded a 3 year fellowship from the National Plant Genome Initiative funded by the NSF. Congratulations Jered!

Will is an NIH TG Awardee

Congratulations to Will for being awarded a position on the departmental NIH Training Grant. Well deserved.

Well deserved award to Lexiang Ji

Lexiang Ji was awarded the "Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad" by the China Scholarship Council

Brigitte is the 2018 Xu Award Winner

Congratulations to Brigitte for being awarded the Ying Xu Outstanding Student Paper Award from the Institute of Bioinformatics

William Jordan is awarded an IIRG

Congratulations William for being awarded an Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the UGA Graduate School.

Poster Award Winners

Kudos to William Jordan who placed 1st in the graduate student poster competition at UGA's Plant Center retreat and to Adam who placed 3rd within the postdoc category.

Chad's a new Assistant Professor

Chad has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. Congratulations! Best of luck with your new adventure.

NIH Training grant awardees

Congratulations to Brigitte and Will for being awarded a position on the NIH departmental NIH Training Grant. Keep up the great work.

Lexiang wins Ying Xu Price

Congratulations to Lexiang for being awarded the Ying Xu Outstanding Student Paper Award from the Institute of Bioinformatics.


Adam and others have developed a novel set of models to estimate context-specific methylation levels in any sample regardless of the availability of a reference genome. See manuscript at BioRxiv.

Brigitte is a new NIH Fellow

Congratulations to Brigitte for being awarded an NIH Training Grant Fellowship for her studies of plant epimutations.

Pat Griffin - Cynthia Kenyon Awardee

Pat was named the Cynthia Kenyon Awardee at the Genetics Graduation Event. This award recognizes a student based on excellence in academics, research and leadership. This is well deserved. Congratulations Pat!

Nice new study by Pat Griffin

Pat just submitted his study that he started as an undergraduate. Taught himself programming with help from the lab. Nice work. bioRxiv

Study on natural variation of mC from the lab

Another preprint from the lab on extensive natural variation of DNA methylation between angiosperm species bioRxiv

New study on gbM

A truly collaborative effort put forth to understand the origins and evolutionary consequences of gene body DNA methylation in plant genomes. bioRxiv

CURO Research Assistantship awarded to Madeline

Congratulations to Madeline Steffensen for being awarded a 2015 CURO Research Assistantship.

Kitra awarded a CURO RA

Congratulations to Kitra Cates for being awarded a 2015 CURO Research Assistantship.


In collaboration with the lab of Chuan He at the University of Chicago we've created a novel method to identify N4-methylcytosines in bacterial genomes. Great job Miao and Lexiang!

Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences

Bob was named a Pew Scholar and the lab received funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts to support research on epigenetic variants.

Drexel sets off for medical school

We're sad to see our all-star technician leave the lab today, but we're happy he is taking the next step in his career. Good luck!

Genome-wide establishment of mouse methylation

Productive and fun collaboration with Steen Ooi's lab at UCL on establishment of DNA methylation patterns during spermatogenesis. Online today in Cell Reports.

Plant Methylome DB (Updated)

We are announcing at #PAGXXIII the release of an updated version of Plant Methylome DB, which includes 20 unpublished DNA methylomes.

Welcome Brigitte Hofmeister

Brigitte has joined our lab and the Institute of Bioinformatics. Welcome!

Caution with WGBS data

Ji L, Sasaki T, Sun X, Ma P, Lewis ZA, Schmitz RJ. (2014) Methylated DNA is over-represented in whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data. Frontiers in Genetics 5:341. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00341

Pat does it again...

Congratulations to Pat Griffin for being awarded a CURO Research Assistantship!

Maize Epigenomics

Read our new study led by Pat West (a superstar undergraduate) and Qing Li from Nathan Springer's Lab at UM… Genomic distribution of H3K9me2 and DNA methylation in a maize genome. PLOS ONE Aug;9(8):e105267

New Review with Nathan Springer's Group

Eichten S, Schmitz RJ, Springer NM. (2014) Epigenetics; beyond chromatin modifications and complex gene regulatory systems. Plant Physiology Jul 165(3):993-947.

Welcome Xiuling

We're happy that Dr. Xiuling Shi has finally joined our group. We hope you enjoy your new home.

Pat's a CURO Fellow

Congratulations to Patrick Griffin who will be a CURO Fellow in the lab this summer.

Congratulations Chad!

Chad was awarded a 3 year fellowship from the National Plant Genome Initiative funded by the NSF. Nice work!

Review Time

Chad's review on the inheritance of DNA methylation variants in plant genomes is out.

Welcome Kelly!

Welcome Kelly Lane to our lab as the first graduate students from the Genetics Department!

Postdoc position available

We're looking for a new postdoctoral fellow to join our team. See the ad.

We have a website!

The website is up and running and we are looking for people interested in joining our group in Fall 2013.